The New Generation of VSAT Networks

Featuring Skyedge II

• Highly efficient
• Full modulation/coding adaptivity
• Scalability
• High performance
• Flexibility
• Superior response time
• Cost effective

About Us

Trianon Communications, LLC is a supplier of reliable wireless communications technology to industrial and commercial customers providing solutions for the management of data, assets and personnel. VSAT technology provides cost effective solutions to businesses requiring wireless communication in remote locations, back-up and disaster recovery and mobile satellite communication services. VSATs can be configured for multiple communications capabilities including data transmission, fax communications, video surveillance, high speed internet access and VOIP telephone connectivity. This technology is used on land and maritime applications and can be deployed as a stationary or mobile solution.

VSAT Technology

Retail Multi-Chain

Inventory management and credit transactions


Primary communications at remote locations

Energy Industry

Remote site connectivity and SCADA applications


Temporary deployment in remote locations or for support in natural disaster recovery when primary networks are inoperable


In the past, satellite networking was expensive, slow and limited in capabilities. Today’s broadband satellite services offer businesses a reliable, secure and economical network solution that is available in any location.

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Mobile VSAT

Mobile VSAT antennas are a cost effective solution for broadband connectivity that can be mounted on vehicles or trailers.

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Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and back-up connectivity services are critical for ensuring network reliability in the event of an emergency or disaster.

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